System Center Orchestrator: Library

Self-Service Software Deployment - ServiceNow and System Center

Automate your self-service application catalog by integrating ServiceNow, System Center Configuration Manager, and System Center Orchestrator.

  • System Center Orchestrator, Self Service, System Center Configuration Manager, Application Catalog, ServiceNow

Self-Service VMware Deployment - System Center Service Manager and Orchestrator

Implement self-service VMware provisioning with System Center Service Manager as a user front-end and System Center Orchestrator as a deployment automation platform.

  • System Center Orchestrator, Deployment, VMware, System Center Service Manager

PowerShell & System Center Orchestrator - Best Practice Template

A reusable template for “best practice” execution of PowerShell scripts within a System Center Orchestrator runbook using the built-in “Run .Net Script” activity.

  • System Center Orchestrator, Windows PowerShell, Best Practices

Get Computer Custodian with Service Manager Integration Pack

Example System Center Orchestrator runbook for working with configuration item relationships to get the custodian/owner user details of a Windows Computer.

  • System Center Orchestrator, Best Practices, System Center Service Manager

How to Import System Center Orchestrator Runbooks from the Library

Use these steps to import Orchestrator runbooks downloaded from the Automys library into your environment

  • System Center Orchestrator