Announcing the Automys Automation Library

Many visitors have already seen and downloaded some example solutions from our shiny new library, but I wanted to share a few words by way of a more formal announcement. So, the library is hereby official! Read on for some thoughts on why the library was created and what it aims to provide.

Automys Automation Library

Why an Automation Library?

There are a number of resources on the web for IT pros to leverage when we’re trying to solve a problem related to creating scripts or orchestrating a process. Most often this process begins with a web search, and leads us to established sites like the TechNet Gallery and Script Center provided by Microsoft, or to repositories like GitHub, or often to a large number of blogs created by other IT pros around the world.

These resources have proven valuable, but they come with some important drawbacks. In my experience, I’ve often hoped to find a script or example solution to avoid reinventing the wheel on a problem that I knew had likely already been worked on before. Sometimes I’d find such examples, but often they were of limited value. Rather than discovering something I could readily put to use, I ended up with a different kind of work – instead of creating something from scratch, I was trying to decipher the work of somebody else and make it work for my purposes.

Unfortunately, most examples on the web tend to be:

The Goal: Consistent Quality, Automation Focus

A more valuable resource is one that addresses these downsides. In the library, we aim to provide solutions which are:

Solution Types

The types of content and examples will grow over time to provide what you most need to succeed in your projects. Initially, our emphasis is on several key automation technologies:

Feedback Welcome

What would you like to see more of? What problems or technologies would you like help solving? Please let us know so we can shape future content. And if you get value from the content, please help spread the word!