Automation Library

Scheduled Virtual Machine Shutdown/Startup - Microsoft Azure

Save on your bill by automating the scheduled power management of your Microsoft Azure virtual machines

Self-Service Software Deployment - ServiceNow and System Center

Automate your self-service application catalog by integrating ServiceNow, System Center Configuration Manager, and System Center Orchestrator.

Get Computer Custodian with Service Manager Integration Pack

Example System Center Orchestrator runbook for working with configuration item relationships to get the custodian/owner user details of a Windows Computer.

How to Import System Center Orchestrator Runbooks from the Library

Use these steps to import Orchestrator runbooks downloaded from the Automys library into your environment

Self-Service VMware Deployment - System Center Service Manager and Orchestrator

Implement self-service VMware provisioning with System Center Service Manager as a user front-end and System Center Orchestrator as a deployment automation platform.

Azure Blob Storage Image Bulk Optimization

Use PowerShell to quickly optimize all your Azure blob storage PNG and JPEG image files in a single script execution.

Dynamic Application Deployment - Configuration Manager, MDT, Orchestrator

Quickly deploy an OS and dynamic list of applications to a device from a SharePoint request with MDT, Configuration Manager 2012, and System Center Orchestrator.

PowerShell & System Center Orchestrator - Best Practice Template

A reusable template for “best practice” execution of PowerShell scripts within a System Center Orchestrator runbook using the built-in “Run .Net Script” activity.

Automated Active Directory Test Domain Deployment in Microsoft Azure

This Azure Automation runbook automates the provisioning of a new AD domain/forest in Azure for development or testing.

Send SMS / MMS Text and Voice Messages from System Center Orchestrator

Use System Center Orchestrator, PowerShell and Twilio to send texts or initiate phone calls from any runbook without a modem or email aliases.

Exchange and Office 365 Mail Contact Import using PowerShell

Automates bulk import of mail contacts into Exchange and Office 365 / Exchange Online from a CSV file using a PowerShell script.

SMS / MMS / Voice Notifications with PowerShell, System Center Operations Manager and Twilio

Send inexpensive SMS text or MMS messages and voice phone calls to notification subscribers in Operations Manager 2012 using PowerShell and Twilio

Self-Service Active Directory User Provisioning Using System Center Orchestrator and SharePoint

Automates Active Directory user account provisioning via a simple self-service form that triggers an account creation workflow.